Comprehensive pain rehabilitation is centered on helping patients learn to live an active life with relief from acute and chronic pain.

Pain RehabilitationAre daily activities too difficult to tackle, your occupation too taxing to maintain, and recreational events too excruciating to enjoy? If so, then comprehensive pain rehabilitation may be a viable treatment solution. Through our interdisciplinary approach to pain management, we are able to provide patients with access to pain rehabilitation professionals within our network, and together work to reduce or eliminate the impact pain has on one’s quality of life.

As a team, we’ll establish an individualized pain rehabilitation program that may include physical, occupational, or behavioral therapy; and assistive devices, such as straight or quad canes, standard or rolling walkers, and manual or power wheelchairs. These and other services may be complementary to other forms of pain management, and, in some cases, may prove to be effective replacements for long-term medications and surgery. Your individualized rehabilitation program will be designed to improve your physical function, decrease your pain when possible, and help you gain the skills needed to manage your pain for life. Contact our pain management center to find out if comprehensive pain rehabilitation is the right choice for you, and if so, to acquire referrals to the rehabilitation professionals within our network.