This condition is also known as failed back or failed neck syndrome. Any person who has undergone back or neck surgery could potentially experience this syndrome.

  • Symptoms

    As in most cases, the type of pain can either be nerve or muscular related. Muscular pain, or point tenderness, is generally a short term pain following back surgery. Rarely does this type of pain persist. Although, the change in mechanics of the back and damage to the nerves can cause muscles spasms. Nerve pain may be indicated by shooting pain, tingling, or weakness near the areas impacted by surgery. A few other symptoms may include:

    • Aching
    • Cramping
    • Soreness
  • Treatment
    • Epidurals
    • Intrathecal Pain Pump

    Medication and physical therapy are generally the initial recommendations. If conservative treatment methods are unsuccessful, your surgeon may recommend that a pain management physician perform a spinal cord stimulator trial. Learn more about spinal cord stimulators “here” (this will link back to the spinal cord stimulator service tab).